The ScoutPro Advantage – doing more with scouting data

Taken from our years as scouts, our current scouting activities, and working with customers, ScoutPro is the in-season tool to be accurate, efficient, and consistent. ScoutPro provides users with a work-flow based system for an extension of what you’re already doing in the field. Consider the typical challenges of a scouting program:

– Inexperienced staffPeople

– Data entry errors and inconsistency in reports

– Mis-diagnosis

– Timing of decisions

– Lack of work-order integration

– Up and down time for learning a software

A ScoutPro powered scouting program changes these challenges to assets and improvements to your program. Inexperienced staff can utilize the pictorial guides to have confidence in ID, take pictures for questions, and become proficient scouts in a short period of time. ScoutPro’s reports are built as you go, stop sitting at the field entrance typing up final notes, build the report as you move through the field.

No matter the scout, no matter the year, all scouting data is saved in a consistent, searchable format. ScoutPro’s search-ability gives you the tools necessary to make informed agronomic decisions. Pull up every farm we found sulfur deficiency, head smut, sudden death; pull up those farms and review in the planning months for next year’s crop. Scale your impact and availability for scouting during the busy growing season with ScoutPro. Make every trip to the field worth the visit by taking quality, consistent scouting reports. You may not use the scouting report that next morning, but it is an asset when planning for later in the year and future growing seasons.

A ScoutPro enabled scout has a direct line and access to top tier customer service and support materials. ScoutPro has committed for the past six years to providing quality customer service, before, during, and after the sale. From our scout schools to onsite training, the ScoutPro team is not just your provider, we’re your partner for the growing season.


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