Traditionally, ScoutPro has provided software for each crop as individual apps available for download, all connected to the same account. ScoutPro customers enjoyed  point specific solutions providing easy to access and use scouting platforms. Through the first years of having products on the market, the ScoutPro team used each app as a stand alone learning module to find the important keys and efficiencies to build a single app version. You can learn more about the single app release here.





If you’re looking for a heavy duty scouting software designed to keep scouts, agronomists, growers, seed dealers, or chemical reps efficient and consistent in the field, ScoutPro is the solution for you. ScoutPro enabled scouts will find the intuitive application an extension of what they’re already doing in the field. Don’t be slowed down with forms or drop downs, ScoutPro is workflow focused and will keep you building and adding to scouting report so that you never have to stop walking!

  • Scouts can use the built-in ID keys for assistance
  • Scouts can switch to a pick list for faster, consistent ID
  • Agronomic calculators specific to the crop provide fast, smart ways to log a stand or tiller count, yield checks, or stem counts
  • Sync when you have a data connection, but don’t lose functionality without one! ScoutPro can run offline when and where needed

Once reports are created and synchronized to your web account, login to consume the scouting data. If you’re an administrator, enjoy the ability to search by crop, pest, or scout when reviewing scouting reports. Advisors can view reports and edit them as well.

  • Create your customers a web login to view scouting reports on their own account
  • Email scouting reports one at a time or a whole day’s worth of scouting reports
  • Looking for a change in your scouting management? Search reports by pest to find those fields you scouted last summer with NCLB or SDS, make management decisions based off what you found and where you found it
  • Upload a logo to a scouting report
  • Review weather history and understand what happened through interactive charts and graphs

Whether you’re a one-man-band, or a large organization with a multitude of scouts and infield personnel, ScoutPro can scale and grow with your needs. Reach out to us through the Contact page for information about a demonstration and infield trial. You can’t decide on what’s best for you if you can’t get in the field with it!