Single App – Multi-crop ScoutPro App Released

ScoutPro releases single app with multiple crop platform

ScoutPro’s newest app to hit the market has been available for download since March 17th for agronomists, scouts, and growers to download. For the past five years, the ScoutPro team has worked as a leader in managed field observations creating a robust scouting platform. “We’ve built our software with the scout’s workflow in mind” says Michael Koenig, President. ScoutPro previously developed separate apps for each crop “Our software releases gave us high quality usage and measured success with each crop as an individual app.” continues Koenig. “With what we have learned, and what our customers have asked of us, we rolled our scouting expertise into a single application providing greater flexibility and usability for scouts.”
Highlights of ScoutPro single app release
Multi-crop platform- Scouts will be able to download within the app new content for multiple crops instantly. Scouts will have new, up to date access to new crops and updated pest information through the growing season without having to update an app.
Field data download- Scouts will be able to pull in date of planting, relevant weather information, hybrid, previous scouting trips, and field notes for better direction in the field. “We are answering the call for easy to view, useful information in the field” states Koenig. “Feedback from our end of season surveys have yielded the need for efficient and relevant scouting data. Some of these changes come from the acres we scout.”
Pick list or full content- Scouts who need efficiency in the field, have knowledge of pest issues, and have experience in the field can utilize the picklist within each crop to quickly build a scouting report. Scouts who are looking for guidance and ID keys can use the full content options for assistance in the field, without need for an internet connection.
Agronomists, scouts, or growers who are interested in learning more about managed field observations and a complete scouting program should contact ScoutPro through the website form or by emailing
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