Birds chirping for Twitter scouting in 2017

Last year we threw out a few people that we like to follow for scouting wisdom from the field. We try to keep our ears to the ground, but the territory is growing and we like following along with what others are doing. If you missed the first edition of Twitter scouting, you can find it here:


Kelly Estes (@ILPestSurvey)Kelly Estes


What we like about following Kelly:

  • Lots of good insect activity data in Illinois as per the handle
    • Flight activities for cutworms
    • Maps and GDD’s for hatch dates
    • Heat maps for adult movement
  • Up close photos of insects we rarely see
  • Different sources for articles being shared






Erin Hodgson (@erinwhodgson)


Erin Hodgson

What we like about following Erin:

  • Shares a variety of University publications on research findings from CRW to Soybean Aphid
  • Links for ISU Extension events where she and colleagues are teaching
  • Active account with ‘live look-ins’ from conferences Erin is speaking at or attending in general
  • Interactive with tweeted questions and retweeting other Extension tweets









Susan Gowan (@SusanGowanAgr)


Susan Gowan

What we like about following Susan:

  • Good photos and updates from the field
  • Overall provides quality scouting information from stand counts to cover crops, stripe rust to slug management
  • Year round activity in the field showing general progress of Ontario crop









Corn Diseases (@corndisease)


Corn Disease

What we like about following them:

  • You get a whole cross section of pathologists in this account
  • Learn the in-depth things on a specific disease through photos and links shared not just ‘look for this’
  • When something hits, you’ll be able to see the wide range of folks finding it. Go back into 2016 and see the tar spot tweets and retweets
  • If you find something neat, or have a question, tweet at them for wisdom








Badger Plant Doc (@damon_lee_smith)


What we like about following Damon:Badger Plant Doc

  •  Good mix of infield finds and retweets of other accounts
  • Quality source for relevant articles
  • Articles shared are not just alarm bells, rather ways to educate, understand, and learn about the content
  • Consistent content and tweets from conventions, infield trials, and speaking engagements







Julie Peterson (@PetersonInsects)


Peterson Insects

What we like about following Julie:

  • Lots of retweets from other entomologist gives you a handle of what is happening where
  • Rounds out the trifecta with @erinwhodgson and @ILPestSurvey for a Midwest crossing insect alert
  • Great resource for finding conferences and getting signed up for field days
  • Lots of media from videos, photos, and articles

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